Qingdao bus stop sign Mandarin is not standard wrong version of the bus license to see everywhere

Bus stop photos were also made in the microblogging on the public
Pinyin "wu shi san zhong" was wrong written as "wu si san zhong". 29 morning, some people to the evening newspaper reflects the Liaoyang West Road, the new square before the fifty-third bus stop sign, pinyin "wu shi san zhong" was wrong written as "wu si san zhong". Reporters on the ground after the visit found that the "wrong version of" bus stop photos were also made in the microblogging on the public, many users have a joke. "Yesterday morning, the public call Mr. Liu hotline 82860085 said that he was in front of Liaoyang West Road, New Plaza, 307 bus station in front of the bus when the car , Found some problems on the station. Yesterday morning, the reporter in accordance with the statement of Liu came to the Liaoyang West Road, Shaoxing Road intersection, at the junction of the northwest corner of the bus station, the reporter saw a temporary stop sign, above the mark 307 Road, 370 bus 53 bus station Here, but the reporter found that "fifty-three" under the words of the Chinese Pinyin actually "wu si san zhong", "ten" word pinyin less a "h". Reporters around the other side of the station to find, 622 and 409 road logo also written as "wu si sanzhong". This little mistake did not escape the attention of the eyes of the public, was also published in the microblogging. "This language is definitely a sports teacher to teach." Many users quipped. "If the stop sign is a southerner, then really si and shi regardless of myself." Microblogging friends "bipolar world HK068" jokingly said. And there are friends that must go to the field to see this rare "wrong version" bus stop sign. "Anyway, this is a mistake, should be changed." Waiting public Mr. Zhang that recently coincided with the tourist season, if not quickly corrected, will be a lot of people and foreign tourists joke. Yesterday at noon, the reporter will be reflected through the hotline to the Qingdao Public Transport Group of the relevant departments, the other said it would deal with the matter as soon as possible.

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