Women in the hands of artillery did not have time to throw the car explosion caused four people were injured

Injured woman after hospital treatment after the accident
Accident scene "artillery fire in the car exploded, by the impact, when my ears and face are different degrees of injury." Cry the driver Xiao Yuan said: "The first driver's seat on the woman injured more seriously, I see her The hands of a lot of blood. "This occurred in the early morning of February 23 accident, dangerous, watching the shattered car and car blood, Yibin Changning County Changning town police station can not help but suck a cold The Dangerous moment: the car to throw the battles hit the accident caused by the accident February 23 morning, the owner Xiaoyuan driving a car from the river to the river to Jiang Jiang direction to go, the car, sitting Xiaoyuan and Ronaldinho and other four people The In the car driving to the Sunshine Hotel opposite, Ronaldinho and others to get off to buy a pile of artillery, including the powerful "fine water" artillery. In the process of driving, Ronaldinho they lit the lighter with a lighter to throw out the window. Driving for a while, in a public toilet next to stop, Ronaldinho 3 people will get off the toilet, Xiaoyuan put the car out of the side waiting. 3 people on the toilet after the car, Xiaoyuan start the car, because the window at this time in the automatic rise, and the co-pilot on the woman because of the happy, did not pay attention to the window in the rise, then lit the fire in the hands of the battle , No time to throw the window of the artillery fire in the car explosion, the great power of the co-pilot windshield earthquake shattered, the car was injured in varying degrees of four people, the first officer on the woman was injured more seriously, holding the guns only The hand was blown up with several fingers. Serious injury: injured woman transfer treatment after the accident, Xiaoyuan endured the pain immediately to the woman sent to Changning County Hospital of Chinese medicine treatment. "The girl's hand injury is very serious, almost all of the fingers almost all fried, in order to avoid life-threatening, it is recommended that you transfer treatment." The attending physician introduced the injured said. Taking into account the woman's injury, Ronaldinho immediately set up a car to the woman to a hospital in Yibin treatment, Xiaoyuan alarm, the police on the scene and the car after the investigation, the Xiaoyuan back to the police station for the record, the accident is still Further investigation. Police tips, in the enjoyment of pleasure, should not pay attention to their own safety, although the battle can bring us a visual enjoyment and joy, the same it is also dangerous, when the fire to pay attention to avoid more people and more places, To avoid disturbing people, a fire, to avoid the tragedy. Zeng Yuhua West City Reader Zhang Yong

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