A car on the campus knocked down two student drivers suspected of driving without a license

Police investigating driver 's driver' s license
New Culture Jilin News (Reporter Li Hongzhou) 11, Jilin City, a WeChat platform and a number of microblogging release news that "net exposure North East school school girls were hit after the rolling rolling, the perpetrators on the spot to escape ... ..." 12 Day, the new cultural journalists on the matter were verified. Netbook campus students were shocked to fly the WeChat platform, December 11, there are friends in the microblogging broke the news: North Campus, East Campus, a driver to escape. The netizen said the incident in the morning, a white private car in the campus to avoid a van, the car next to a student hit the fly, after rolling in the front wheel. After the accident, the driver escaped. Alleged that the vehicle did not change the snow tires, the car has been found driving permit, driver's license, ID card copy, the police have been involved in the investigation. The netizens released a number of photos, you can see the scene of the incident, a white car on the roadside, the front wheel riding in the road teeth on the front of a female student lying on the ground, many people are taking care of the injured The The accident inside the car has left, 120 ambulance and handling the accident traffic police have arrived at the scene. Car accident occurred on the 12th morning, the new cultural journalists came to the school, the incident section is the slope, snow and ice pavement. The place where the accident occurred near the road teeth, the snow there are obvious rut ​​prints, next to a bushes branches were significantly curved. According to an eyewitness described, the incident time is 11:50 on the 11th or so. The white car was driving downhill, with a van in front, and when the road was slippery, the white car escaped with a skid, first hit the van, and could then be an emergency rush and trampled to the brakes. The witnesses said the incident, the two female students side by side in the roadside walk, the car rushed over, the two unprepared, have been knocked down. "The car stopped, and the girls on the roadside should not be wheeled, but the body was under the bumper, and the bushes had a cushion and had not been hit." Another girl was also taken Down, fell on the roadside. The witness said that the accident, the car left the front door inward depression, the door can not open, the driver is drilled from the window. According to the school security office of the relevant person in charge, that the matter, the school security office, police room and related college teachers and others immediately rushed to the scene. Two female students fell to the ground, the expression is very painful. We immediately appease two girls mood, and they gently move to a safe location. Someone called 120 emergency call, the two were then rescued by ambulance personnel, sent to the nearby hospital for treatment. The relevant staff and teachers also went to the hospital. The official said, after investigation, the vehicle is not a vehicle, is a social vehicle. The driver was recruited to the school, after the accident, the driver did leave the scene, but later went to the hospital to visit the injured students, and said to raise medical expenses. It is understood that two girls are a college senior students. After the initial inspection, by the roadside girls head, chest, arms and leg injuries, feel sick and dizzy, the specific injury need further examination. Another girl also has trauma, two people need to hospital for further observation and treatment. The driver was suspected of driving without a license reporter learned from the police, the accident has been handed over to the traffic control department to deal with. When the incident, the driver did not at the scene, the police will be the vehicle towed away. At noon that day, the driver came to the traffic control department to accept the investigation. The driver is a 20-year-old man, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. He called a company staff, to the school recruitment. He is not the owner, the car is borrowed. For why to leave the scene, the driver said he was Mongolia, anxious to find someone to save the injured, after that the injured were sent to the hospital, he went to the hospital. Police investigation of the driver's driver's license, but its first "buy a driver's license", later called "lost" the. At present, the driver suspected of driving without a license, was the police administrative detention, the case is under further investigation.

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