CPPCC members: the police will be integrated into the team building

Strengthening the Financial Guarantee for the Construction of Public Security Concord Police
As the fourth special supervisor of the Ministry of Public Security, the CPPCC National Committee members, vice chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, Fortis Group Chairman Wang Jianyi has been concerned about the public security departments related issues. After investigation and visits at the grassroots public security department, he found that although the CSA played an important role in assisting the public security organs in combating crime, maintaining law and order and serving the masses, it has become an important part of public security at the grassroots level and maintained social security The important force. But at present or outside the staff, that is, "temporary workers." Over the years, due to various reasons, the construction and management of the Auxiliary Police Force in China's public security there are still: the number of people, the name is not uniform, low treatment, poor quality, high turnover rate, team instability and other issues. But in the eyes of ordinary people, the Association of police is equivalent to the police. Auxiliary police team construction and management lag, will greatly affect the public security team in the hearts of the people image. In this regard, Wang Jianyi put forward "on further strengthening the public security cooperative police team construction and management of the proposal." He suggested that the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security issued a unified Auxiliary police management regulations and methods. Clear the legal status and duties of the Auxiliary Police officers. Strict recruitment standards, dismissal, dismissal procedures, remuneration mechanisms, uniform names, documents and clothing styles. At the same time, the construction of public security Auxiliary police team into the construction of public security ranks. In accordance with the "open recruitment, merit hiring" principle, unified recruitment methods, strict recruitment standards, and effectively good Auxiliary police "import customs." In addition, the strengthening of public security Auxiliary Police team construction of the financial protection. (Including salary, social security, clothing, education and training, assessment incentives, etc.) included in the local annual budget, to be effectively protected. Newspaper correspondent Wang Xiyu from Beijing

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